The batch file downloads Image Downloader designed for batch downloading files from one or more sites.

Screenshot with numbers
  1. Information about the program.
  2. URL address to search for patterns, separated by commas.
  3. Open a directory to download pictures.
  4. Address directory to download pictures.
  5. Merge references found at the start of the new boot.
  6. Merge results with new links if pattern was found.
  7. Merge with new references found in the process.
  8. Merge with new references found at the end of the download.
  9. Do not show error messages decoding.
  10. Do not show any error messages.
  11. Regular expression in Python to extract links to files of the pages. Symbol %s is used to substitute the list of extracted files and extensions must be present in the singular.
  12. Extensions downloadable file types, separated by commas.
  13. Extensions expelled from search links file types, separated by commas.
  14. Identification browser. Firefox Extension is located at about:support in line User Agent.
  15. Reference number of remaining pages.
  16. The number of found or all the remaining links on the page.
  17. Number of found or the remaining files to download.
  18. Reference to the number of processed pages.
  19. Number of visited links on the page.
  20. Number of saved files.
  21. The number of reserved page references.
  22. Number of faulty links on the page.
  23. Number of faulty links to downloadable files.
  24. Number of processed per pass references to the page.
  25. The number of threads to be uploaded. Exceeding the number of threads supported by the server leads to mistakes of downloading or when a large number of threads to lock over IP.
  26. Start download.
  27. Stop operation by means of time or at all.